Summer holidays are here, but I am already thinking about organization for my work space and for the next school semester. I haven't been organized enough in the last few months and this lack of control really showed here on the blog, and at school. Now I am prepared to be on the top of my organization game. You Tube videos and blog posts really helped me acquire some tips and tricks to maintain a good organization, and today I will share with you the tips that I tested and approved (they work and I am still using them). 

1. Calendar / Planner

I find that this is the most important thing. I used to have a calendar with each months and write all the events, appointments and important dates I had with a special color code, but now I use this agenda from It is even better because there is more place to write + I have a regular calendar for each months (this is my favorite part because it's an overview of the whole month). This one is super fun, with stickers, beautiful fonts and covers. 

My color code is: 

Pink = Personal activities / Green= School / Blue = Blog related / Purple= Birthdays and important dates / Orange: Work / Yellow: Appointments 

2. Wires / Chargers / & More

(Phone chargers, computer chargers, headphones, and the list goes on... )When I need to carry them with me it is always a mess, but I found a super trick! I use this leather pocket from Rudask to store everything when I am travelling or when I am carrying them around with me. You just have to wrap the wires of each charger and put them in a pouch that can store them all, and le tour est joué! Then when you are looking for them, they are all at the same place and they are not all tangled at the bottom of your bag. I also adore this pouch, first it's made of leather and then it's made in Quebec!

Another thing that has little to do with organization but so much to do with electronics: My phone can never stay charged a full day, so I use a portable charger that can save me whenever I need it!

3. Workspace

To work well, I always make sure that I am in a pleasant environment. I like to have plants (even if I don't have a green thumb... my cactus recently died) because they bring life in a workspace (not dead cactus haha). Also having everything that I need makes my work a lot more efficient: computer, camera, chargers, pens, notebooks, and all the pretty stationary that I can. 

Voilà! Let me know all your tips to be organized! Love. S.