Discovering new restaurants is one thing I love to do... So a few weeks ago, when I was really hungry and trying to find a place to eat, I stumbled across this Instagram perfect restaurant called Nini Meatball House. As the name says, this restaurant specializes in meatballs, but they also have vegetarian options such as cheese balls or vegetable balls. They also offer vegan, gluten free, and without pork options. This place was new for me so I didn't exactly knew what to order and how everything was working. The really nice waitress explained that normally, people would order an appetizer, a serving of meatballs (3 meatballs), and a side.

I ordered the beef tartar to start the journey and it was delicious. I hadn't eaten a tartar in a long time so this one was pretty satisfying; it was a beef tartar with horseradish mayo, grainy mustard, capers and pickles. For the most important part of the meal, I ordered the "Chicken 'Red hot' Buffalo Blue Cheese Sauce". The waitress told me beforehand that the taste of the blue cheese was really present in this meal, so I had to like it, but I thought that on the contrary, it didn't not taste this much. It was really good anyways! I finished with a brioche bread as a side. At this point I was full, the portions were not that big, but they were very nourishing so it was perfect. For those who wants to know, my friend ordered the carrot ginger soup and the "goat cheese nuts crusted spice honey".

Overall the food is comfort food at its best, and the restaurant is very well located (in the heart of Griffintown), so I will definitely come back. I was also really excited with the decoration. All the plants, the white walls and tables, it was picture worthy!;) Love. S.

*Oh and there is also a take out option...

Nini Meatball House, 1752 rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal.