This title is a reference to HAIM's album that I can't stop listening to, and it's been a favorite of mine for the past year. I discovered HAIM when they were djing at the H&M x Osheaga party last July, and their 80's vibe mixed with some R&B and a modern sound is just the bomb! This outfit makes me think a little bit about what the girls of this band wear: Leather jacket and super edgy outfits. I remember that during their gig at H&M,  Estee (one of the sisters of the band) was wearing a super cool leather jacket over her shoulders, over a dress that had cut-outs on each sides, and it was a fantastic look. After that, I promised myself to get my hands on a jacket similar to this one, and yesss I got it;) Now I can have a super badass look on an everyday basis, and for this look I decided to accentuate it with my Castles Couture romper and a very special location. The rocks were actually bigger than me! Love. S. 

Jacket: Zara / Romper: Castles Couture