If I had to describe my style, I would say that it is getting towards a really minimalistic/Scandinavian inspired style. I love neutral colors, straight shapes, sometimes pastel, textures like suede or jeans... If you look at the "My Style" board on Pinterest you will only find outfits of this kind. I am trying to update more and more my wardrobe so I can get rid of my old style (that still reflects a bit high school) and move closer to this one (that feels a lot more like myself). Not too long ago, I was invited to the InWear Matinique opening at Les Cours Mont Royal. Unfortunately, at last minute I had to cancel the event, but then a while after, they asked me if I'd like to do an outfit with pieces from their store. My answer was yes! This Danish shop is so feminine and minimalistic, just how I like it! Here is the first part of my collaboration with them. I am wearing a gorgeous pink jacket that could be worn on a daily basis, and it is really comfortable, so I would see myself wearing that while traveling. Paired with a simple oversized blouse and my favorite pair of jeans, I don't think it could get any better! Love. S.

Jacket and blouse: Matinique InWear/ Jeans: The Castings @ Aritzia / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Bag: Zara