Saint Laurent Card Holder

I have a few periods of my life where I suddenly decide to get very minimalistic, and get rid of many things. After that comes the period where I need to organize the rest of the stuff I have. In other words, I have new needs. Two weeks ago, I watched a video of a girl who switched her enormous tote for a really mini bag. And with the really small bag came the really mini wallet, that is in fact just a card holder. Not a simple card holder, a Saint Laurent card holder! It is the simplest and most elegant thing I have seen. Made with leather and with of course the most absolute fine details, I decided that I needed it.  After looking at the price (that turns around 300$ USD) I decided that maybe I just needed it in my dreams. 

The thing is, I was not looking for a card holder, because I can get one very cheap someplace else. This one was just so exquisite and looked like the necessary accessory for someone who wants to get a minimalistic lifestyle. I probably don't need this card holder, and I don't think I will ever be willing to spend that much money on such a small/insignificant item. BUT! This card holder is just another example of how we create our needs, and how I became so obsessed with it. Here is the card holder, but let's just put it here like a trophy that will remind me to stay clever the next time I have a need like this... 

Did you ever had a "need" like this? Love. S.