Ok, it seems like I had a really hard time posting on the blog this week, but in fact, time went by so fast and I was preoccupied by so many things that I had to put my blog on pause. This week I've also been thinking about a lot of things. After discovering the blogger Isabella Thordsen (http://isabellathordsen.dk/) on Instagram, and then on her blog, I "fell in love" with her life. First of all, her Instagram is one of the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Also, she is a stylist for Asos, which means she is one of their style ambassadors on their social medias, #dreamjob. Ohhh and she lives in London!!! So after reading her article about how to find an apartment in London, I realized that this is what I've been dreaming to do for years: move to London and work in fashion. So I just wanted to tell you today, that my next biggest dream is to move to London after University (it means in 4 years, so I have plenty of time to be prepared and organized). What are your biggest dreams?