This season, I really feel like some trends are standing out from the others (probably also with my personal taste). I love when that happens because then when you look at the previous years you remember some periods of your life associated with some trends. For example, during summer 2013, I remember being in love with the t-shirts "Homiès", "Ain't Laurent Without Yves", "Feline". Those shirts always reminds me of being in at Urban Outfitters in London and trying to figure out which one I wanted to buy... ah memories! But this season the trends are completely different:

1- Baby Blue. 

This is my color of the season. For now I only own a pair of jeans and a bikini top (with fringes eeek) that I cannot wait to show you, but you'll have to wait for this summer. This pastel color is just so peaceful and it brings light and color after a long winter. I think it looks marvellous on booties and jackets (like the one I tried from IRO).

2- Suede

The 70's are back! Paired with fringes, I think it gives just the right edge to any outfit. Any pieces made of suede should be the focal point of a look. I got this lovely suede skirt from Josiane Perron that I am looking forward to wear!

3- White shirts

In the three items I am presenting you today, this is the only one I am struggling to find. I already have some white blouses but the fabric needs to be like a man's shirt. I also like when it's long and a bit oversized, it would look awesome on a beach, with a few buttons down and a bikini under. And of course, it always (ALWAYS) look good paired with jeans...