We haven't been very lucky with the weather recently, except for a few days that strangely felt like spring... But I really wanted to shoot this dress from Josiane Perron's new collection, even with the cold temperature. The only thing I had to do was to pair it with a jacket and tights (the ones I am wearing gives the impression that my legs are very tanned). And because it is still winter, the light is also something that's unpredictable. You will notice that on some pictures the dress looks more navy and on some of them more black, but if you want to see the right color, I suggest that you go check her website, all the informations will be provided: www.josianeperron.com. The print of this dress is part of the 4 patterns that I was talking about in this post, they are one of the key points of her new spring collection. Now I am just ready for summer, so I can let go of my jackets!

Dress: Josiane Perron / Jacket: H&M / Shoes: Target / Bracelet: La Baie / Sunglasses: Polette