Just before Christmas, I published a list of 6 books that I wanted to read during my Christmas break (The Man Repeller, Girl Online, How to Be a Parisian Wherever You Are, Humans of New York, Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde and Not That Kind of Girl), but I managed to read 3 of them. I can't say enough that books shape our thoughts and make us learn so many great things (plus this is also another way to learn words). Those three books made me think a lot about life and diverse subjects that can affect anybody. Since one of them is kind of like a memoir (Lena Dunham's book), it made me feel like I had a direct and very private access to her life. Reading is something I wish I had more time for, but for now I'm just suggesting that you read those three books, and I am sure you will learn a thousand things.

Two dreams I carry since I am young is to be part (or create why not) a reading club, or write my own book... Love S.