Right now I would do anything to escape the harsh weather that is currently, slowly but surely killing me (in a metaphoric way, I hate winter and I can't wait for summer). If I could take the next flight to a tropical destination I would run... and fast! So here are some essentials that I would want to bring on my imaginary trip.

A bikini with banana leaf print on it (I guess?). This one is from Midori bikini, and I just love the simple shape. I already have a black bikini bottom that is really basic and it would be great with this top.Then an awesome pair of sandals. This one is from Ancient Greek Sandals, and they have crazy awesome designs, I had trouble choosing which pair to put in this collage. Sunglasses... those are my favorite from Karen Walker. Enough said.The bag! Ok, this one is a major crush. It is from the collaboration of Kate Moss with Longchamp. A leather bag of this size is my dream for a travel bag, it is the perfect bag for a weekend getaway but let's say I'm going on vacation with the essentials only... Finally, two items to keep my fresh: Evian Spray for those really warm days and a cap to protect me from the sun.

Seems like I have everything for my trip now;) Love. S.