I have been a fan of EOS lip balms since they came out a few years ago. I remember going to the drugstore after school to buy one, and I used it all the time. Then I got Disney limited editions and other ones, so I built a small collection over time. My little sister also got a little collection of her own, so I can say that in my house we really like their products! That's why I was thrilled when I received this lip balm from their new collection Visibly Soft. 

Not only their balms are very nourishing, but they also smells like heaven. the one I received is the flavour Coconut Milk, and it's smells like I was on vacation. This lip balm is also 99% natural with a lot of benefits like vitamin C, so I guess my lips are in good hands for the rest of the winter. Have you tried the new EOS Visibly Soft lip balms? Love. S.

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