Growing up, I was sometimes compared to three actresses (that I love and admire, so believe me I took it as a compliment); Phoebe Tonkin, Leighton Meester, and Natalie Portman. I learned English through H2O, an Australian tv serie for kids, and

Phoebe Tonkin

was one of the main mermaids of the show. She was not my favorite at that time, but my friends kept comparing me to her and I just couldn't see it. One of my friends even told me that she was going to draw a portrait of me, but she actually just trace over one of Phoebe's pictures, and I didn't see the difference. A few years after came the Gossip Girl phenomenon. Blair was my favorite so I used to dress a bit like her, with bows in my hair and a very preppy style. So many people (still even today I receive some comments about that on my Instagram) told me that I looked just like Leighton Meester. Honestly, I think that we make very similar facial expressions, because you know, I loooved Blair Waldorf so much I just wanted to act like her.  And then, one or two years later, as we were receiving our school identification cards, my history teacher told me "You look like, you know, the girl in Black Swan?", and it literally made my day, Black Swan is a wonderful movie! Even two weeks ago, one of my friend told me that in her new Dior ad she looked just like me. So now Natalie Portman looked like me right?

After thinking about it for many years (it all started when I was in elementary school), having all those doppelgänger was totally flattering, but really influencing in some way. Having all those "icons" that look like you, but better and older, it is only natural for a young teenage girl that she has to do everything she can to look just like them. Now I take it as a compliment and I just find it funny, because those three women are more than inspiring, beautiful, and talented.

Do you have any doppelgänger? Love. S.

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