Crystals are now part of every bohemian-chic decorations; whether they are used as coasters, soaps, or even book ends, I think they make the perfect statement piece for a decor. Every time I see some of those at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, I think of buying them for my future house/apartment. Isn't it the cutest touch of color we can add to a minimalist room?

Of course, it was all over Pinterest so there is no doubt that my love for them comes from there. It makes me want to do some researches about crystals and other special rocks. I wonder if they come naturally coloured and I also want to know where they come from. Such an interesting thing to learn, I will tell you more about it after I document myself but I just wanted to show you how pretty it would be in a home.

I love that it is something that was part of the earth and it is an natural element just like wood or plant, much better looking than plastic (in some cases, I still have a major crush on the Starck Ghost Chair)!