I've decided that it's better to invest on quality things rather than 5$ shirts at H&M that will be damaged after two washes, so for that I need timeless pieces that will stay on trend as the years goes by. I made a list of 8 items that I would love to add to my wardrobe/life right now (some of them are not timeless clothing pieces I know... fairy lights right).

1) Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini. I know it's just the top, but this high quality swimsuit will probably be more durable than mine who lost all their color after my last holiday in the sun. Just a bit expensive 555$ Ouch!

2) Acne Ankle bootsMy dream. Leather and Acne.570$ (hope they'll last).

3) Fairy lights. I'm still trying to find fairy lights like those but I guess I should have started searching for some like that before Christmas. Maybe I'll find something online, it would look great in my next room (I'm planning an awesome decor).

4) Isabel Marant knit Sweater. Isabel know what looks good and what feels cozy, I could totally see myself in this sweater that has a nice shape at the bottom.

5) Nirvana Black, Elisabeth and James, oil perfume. I already have the Nirvana White but I keep going to Sephora to try this one, I think I like it even more than the one I have. And I've heard good things about the oil version. 42$

6) Michael Kors bucket bag. I'm so tired of seeing the MK initials all over the place so there would be no way I would want a Michael Kors bag. Well I thought that until I saw this amazing bucket bag at Ogilvy. It was love at first sight...

7) Acne Leather Jacket. LOVE #lifegoal

8) Birkenstocks (black or white). I know I know, the Birkenstock dilemma... And I know I would be late for the trend, but it's just that I find them pretty and comfortable, I'll see what I'll do next summer!