As I said at the beginning of 2015, I really want the blog to become a space where I share mostly what I want. I also said that I wanted to write more  so today I'm just going to do kind of like a recap of what's happening right now in my world.

First of all, recently I've been really engaged with ... Instagram! I've decided that I would try to post at least one photo per day, so if you follow me already (@sandrinev), you probably noticed that change. And of course I started posting foodie pictures. That must be because right now I'm a bit of a Pinterest addict and of course there's food everywhere on Pinterest. Ugh bad influences right? Or not;) But the only thing is that I started the new semester at school yesterday so I'm no longer on vacation which means there's nothing interesting really to capture at school, but I'll do my best to keep doing my "Instagram Challenge" of 1 picture per day (andI will find interesting things to post).

Another thing, there was a problem with my schedule at school, so I got to have one more course, and I'm more than happy with the one they gave me, I have an art class! YAY! It used to be my favorite subject during elementary school until high school, so I'm excited. Maybe if my projects are nice enough I could show them to you here, but we'll see.

Love. S.