Since I started to wear makeup almost everyday (that was like four years ago), my routine evolved so much and I've learned a lot about makeup techniques and products. Of course it changes all the time, depending on the seasons and my new acquisitions. But recently I've come up with a really basic and effective routine that I thought I'd share with you, to show you my favorite products of the moment and how I use them.


 On a daily basis, I don't wear foundation (I've worn foundation like 3 times in my life and that includes prom, the shooting for Mimi Hammer and another time I guess). So I start with a face primer that I find gives a nice smooth finish to the skin. Right now I'm using Smashbox Photo Finish but I sometimes alternate with Benefit's Porefessional. Then I just use concealer under my eyes. This one is my mum's LancΓ΄me long-lasting undereye concealer. I always use hers because I love it but she doesn't like me using it (oops). Then I'm finishing the skin by applying translucide powder all over my face to set everything. For that I use Rimmel Stay Matte in the shade 001. Sometimes when I feel like it I apply blush on my cheeks (Hervana from Benefit), but I find that during winter times my cheeks are already a bit blushy so it would be too intense. One thing I need to add to my beauty routine is bronzer, but I just haven't found one that I liked yet, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

EYES & BROWS: This is my favorite part. Since I've got the Naked basic palette by Urban Decay, I find everything easier to do. I start by filling my brows with an angle shape brush and the shades Naked 2 and Faint mixed together, and then I brush my brows with a basic mascara brush that's completely clean (obviously). Then I apply the primer That Gal from Benefit all over my eyelid to set the eye makeup (I didn't put the product on the pictures). After that it's time for eyeshadow. This part changes a bit every time, but I usually apply W.O.S. all over my eyelid up to my brow bone (just to give light), then put Venus in the inner corner of my eye. After that I use Naked 2 in the crease to give a bit of definition (but I sometimes pair it with Faint if I want a more defined look). The next step is eyeliner, my favorite one of all time is the Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner by Eyeko (in collaboration with Alexa Chung). I usually do a thick line next to the lash line but sometimes I do a flick (when I'm feeling fancy uhuh). After that it's time for mascara! I always curl my lashes with an eyelash curler (mine is from Revlon), then I use Bad Gal from Benefit or Smashbox Eye Brightening, but only for the upper lashes.


 On my lips, I simply apply a neutral and matte lipstick. Right now my favorite one is the shade Stockholm from Nyx's Soft Matte Lip Cream. On days were I want to change my makeup I usually just change the color on my lips and put a brighter one. And finally, when I really want to complete my makeup, I use Benefit's Watt's Up highlighter on my cheek bone and under my brow bone.