There's so much things happening this week on the internet that I had to do kind of like a recap of my favorite ones. Of course a new year also means that the brands have new ideas for new campaigns, and so far they are all better than the others. First of all Joan Didion for Céline, how cool is that? I know, I know you've seen it all over your social media feeds but I was so impressed by it that I had to just mention it at least. The choice of the author for the campaign is amazing, she is just gorgeous! This woman is a treasure by itself, with her memoir, her 1968 essay collection and her coming-soon documentary about her life, Didion is really impressive! I want to have a career rich in experience like hers. And seeing pictures of her when she was younger, her style kept the same vibe and it was a good match with Céline's new campaign. Didion's beauty is timeless even at 80 years old, and I applaud Céline's creative directors for putting her in the spotlight. Céline is totally out of my reach for the moment but this ad sure makes me want to buy some stuff, I'm obsessed with the oversized sunglasses (and the dress, and the necklace).

In second place for another great campaign, the video of Alexa Chung for AG Jeans (for My Theresa). The one behind the camera? Gia Coppola! And you know I love the Coppola's family production, and I love Alexa Chung even more, so it was a match made in heaven. The simplicity of the video is what catch my eye the most; Alexa is in a party signing a song on a karaoke. And of course since it's a jeans ad, she's wearing a denim dress (the cutest with the cutest white shoes) and she is signing Blue Denim by Stevie Nicks. Watching this, I love Chung even more because of her candid attitude and her super stylish self. Oh and in the video it's Alexa's voice, looooove it!

So far, 2015 has the best ads and this is when I realize that one day I really want to contribute to those campaigns and evolve in a creative environment with a variety of creative people. It would be such fulfilling experiences... I'm hoping we'll continue to see great campaign like those that are totally outside the box and that present icons with unique paths. Love. S.