I remember a few years ago, around Easter, I asked my mom if we could go buy a plant to put in my room (just to decorate). Unfortunately, I let the plant die because I didn't take care of it (and my mom forgot that I had a plant in my room). Then a few years after that, I was probably 13 or 14 years old, and we had to transplant an African violet in my science class, I remember that I loved the experience of taking care of a flower, but I gave it to my grandmother. Then this year after hours spent on Pinterest and Instagram and all sorts of social network, my love for plants came back again. I'm sure it's because I see them everywhere and I realized that they are a stunning statement piece to put in a decor. Then last week, I went to the Concordia Greenhouse Sale hoping I would find small and cute plants (especially) cactus to put in my new room, for a Scandinavian touch. The event was really big, around 4k people had checked in, but my friend and I arrived at a reasonable hour so we could have the chance to buy a few ones. As soon as we entered the greenhouse, it felt so comfortable with all the light and the warmness (it was around -17 Â°C outside), and looking at the green beauties. I ended up only buying one plant (and I don't even know what kind... silly me), because there was no cactus). After taking it back to school and then back to my house the plant suffered a bit, probably because of the weather, but anyway I am willing to make this plant live and then I will find a few small cactus to put next to it. And probably next spring I will make a visit to the Westmount greenhouse... ;) Love. S.