On flowers...

In every movie or book (or in real life during an interview), girls always seems to have a favorite "flower", I see that all the time. But I must have been missing something since I don't have a favorite flower. Sure I love peonies, roses, hydrangeas, blue anemones... but if someone would ask me what my favorite flower is I wouldn't know what to answer. Should every girl have a favorite flower? I know this sounds random but it's something I always asked myself. I wish that one day my house will be filled with an arrangement of fresh flowers that I will choose meticulously at the flower market every Sunday. Ok after thinking about it I think that white peonies are my favs, what are YOUR favorite flowers?

On cactus...

I'm obsessed with those. A touch of green always makes a difference in a decor and cactus always make me smile. I'm planning on going to the Westmount greenhouse one day this year just to see their amazing plants (And of course for Instagram pictures). And since I want my room to look like a

Scandinavian-inspired room

, I'm going to purchase little succulents and other plants of the same kind at the Concordia Greenhouse Sale next week. It's so minimalistic and chic.

Image from Pinterest