Last week, one of my friend suggested that we try the restaurant "Cinko" in the heart of Montreal. The concept is genius, every dish costs 5$, and that doesn't mean they cut on quality. Instead, this restaurant uses fresh seasonal products and creates the most comforting meals. Even the place itself is warm and inviting. I must say the tables are a little close to each other, but I guess that this is what makes this place inviting and perfect for a casual dinner with friends.

I tried the linguine with bacon and chives (made with white whine sauce) and it was delicious! The portions are not copious, they are just the right size to satisfy my stomach. I also shared their Sweet potatoes fries with my friend and let me tell you... it was tasty!! Probably because they were accompanied with bacon and a spicy mayonnaise, yummy! Oh and their selection of drinks are great too! I recommend this place to anyone who wants to spend a great evening in good company (the music and the deco is great too btw). Love. S.

Cinko, 1641 Saint-Denis, Montreal

Photo by Nightlife