For over two years now I've been OBSESSED (and I weigh my words when saying that) with Acne Studios. There isn't any week without me going on their online shop dreaming about a feature purchase I'll make there. Of course my budget doesn't allow me yet to do a big splurge at Acne, but one day I'm sure I'll be able to put my hands on a few of their pieces wether they are thrifted items of new ones. When I visited London in 2013 I found myself in front of one of Acne's flagship stores, and I remember I told myself that the day I step a foot in Stockholm (where the headquarters of the brand are) I would buy one of their item, even if my budget only allows something very small. And that I would treasure this item for all the years to come. 

I would die of happiness if I owned one of their leather jackets, or even just holding one of their signature peach-colored shopping bags... ok I'm dreaming now! So yeah I made a small collage of my favorite styles that are presently available in their online store; all very minimalistic and of course in neutral colors. I just love the different textures and cuts, it gives so much shape to an outfit and it couldn't be more flattering. 

Oh and by the way, Acne Studios is part of the creative collective ACNE which is so cool (I just love the acronym, it stands for "Ambition to Create Novel Expression"). In the meantime (while I am waiting to get my first Acne piece) maybe I should just concentrate on trying to find one available copy of the Acne paper issue with Mikahail Baryshnikov one the cover (aka Alexander P

etrovsky, Carrie Bradshaw's famous lover). Love. S.