As I said in my last post, I am planning on doing a room makeover. To find inspiration, I went on Pinterest, and also on (because this blogger knows what looks good in a home decor). I prepared this post as a guideline for inspiration, because those images basically includes everything I want in my future room. Starting from the color of the walls; it seems that for a minimalist/Scandinavian inspired look it is either white or different shades of grey. And there is always a touch of green, coming from the beautiful plants (did you see that cute cactus?). Another thing I love about those kind of decors is that there is so much different texture in one environment; all the bed clothes, the rugs, pillows,... it looks so cozy and inviting. Also the natural light is a major part of a decor, but of course for that you need big windows! One last thing I noticed is that all the room accessories are made of wood, marble, translucide materials and gold hardware, could it be less attractive? Everyday I'm dreaming of living in a place that looks like this because it looks so peaceful and unique.