As I said in some previous posts, there are a lot of cool things happening at the moment, and one of them is that I am the new model on Boutique Vestibule's online shop. It was a great opportunity as I got to discover the most adorable boutique of Montreal! Not only do they sell clothes and accessories but also home stuff! Their aesthetic is on point, I just love that they know how to maintain their very girly and fresh style (you should see their Instagram). You will notice a lot of lace, flower prints, and flattering pieces. 

It was my second experience of modelling and I quite like the idea of it. I'm not saying that I'll try to make it into an agency, but so far, the two times I did it (for Mimi Hammer and now Boutique Vestibule) were very fun! I got to meet new people, learn about the some aspects of working in fashion in Montreal, and that was just the best part! It was also fun to see for a change what were the ideas of the person directing the shoot. I'm used to planning all the editorials for the blog starting from the clothes, to the location, to the editing of the photos, so this was almost like a break;)

So here are some pictures of me that you can find on their online shop, and some behind the scenes.  Hope you like it!