They say detaching yourself from material possessions will ultimately make you more content with life and overall less stressed. It’s something I’m experiencing at the moment with my preparation for living abroad. Granted, I’ve moved all my books and souvenirs to the countryside so they’ll be waiting for me while I’m gone, but I’ve been ruthless with everything else…

While clearing out, I’ve noticed that there were some items I desperately needed at the time of buying, but haven’t used much since. It’s something I want to avoid in the future and only purchase things I will actually be using. I’m not trying to become one of these people practicing minimalism to the highest level that there is only one chair in my house, but I want to reduce my consumption of * things *.

I also want my possessions to last longer. This means maybe making more of a splurge at the beginning, and then investing love and care in these items over time. I’ve talked about it before, but this is especially true of clothes. Maybe it has to start with only owning things that you love and that bring you joy? (hello Marie Kondo).

Overall, I think the solution for this problem is to make better decisions from the start and think about my needs rather than my desires. Also, to let these thoughts simmer a little while longer before making the plunge of buying stuff. I’m doing this because I want to focus more on experiences rather than objects. Although owning stuff is great and this is ultimately what makes the space you’re in your ‘home’, I think having too much stuff just makes life complicated. I don’t know where I’m going to end up in a few months or years time, but what I know is that I don’t want to move a thousand suitcases with me between different cities.

What are your thoughts on material possessions?

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