I cannot help it... I adore taking photos, writing, making creative projects, and then looking back at all of these things a few years later. Here are the three things I enjoy doing when it comes to keeping memories in a special place; whether its memories that happened a long time ago, or memories you're planning to make for the future. 

Diaries For Your Creative Ideas And 'Thoughts Of The Day'

Diaries are so underrated! I see them as a space to get inspired, where you can share your thoughts of the day, your inspirations, things you want to remember, and stuff you've learned. It's a personal space for you to create, yet it doesn't have to be very emotional. Give them another go, they are not reserved only for the Bridget Jones of the world!

Photo Albums For Your Best Pictures and Best Memories

I made my own photo album over the holidays (see here) by printing Instagram photos, travel photos, and other favourite memories. I then classified them by themes (food, beach, blog, friends, family,...) and I added a few captions. It makes the experience of looking at photos much more fun, as you only have the best shots, and more context than when you look at photos on your phone. 

Videos For Special Occasions

One thing that is even more special than looking at old photos is looking at videos you've made of special occasions. I always re-watch my travel diary videos and it makes me so nostalgic, but so happy. Videos are like a 3D reconstruction of what you've experienced, and you can personalize them the way you want. (You can see my travel diaries on my YouTube channel here)