Hello, lovely readers of I Am Sandrine! I am Martine, the blogger behind the London lifestyle blog A Tiny Bit Beautiful. Sandrine and I have decided to swap blog posts, so we can give some new perspectives on our blogs. Today I am here to tell you all about a week in the life of a 20-year-old student and blogger in the beautiful city of London.


Monday, a day in Camden Town.

I’m lucky enough to have every Monday off from classes at Uni, which gives me the perfect opportunity to catch up on work and get ready for a new week. If I want to be productive I have to get out of the house. Therefore, on most Mondays, I go to one of my many favourite coffee shops in London to sit down with a cappuccino and my MacBook to study or write blog posts.


This Monday I was out of the house at eleven and got the Tube a few stops to Camen Town. One of my absolute favourite coffee shops in London is Campbell Canal’s Cafe, but it has now been renamed to Heaven. I’m not too fond of their new sign, but they have the most amazing view over the canal, lovely daylight flooding in from big windows and some delicious vegan food, so my boyfriend and I decided to go there to work.


After a few hours of work, we walked over the street to the famous Camden Market to grab some lunch from the food stalls. Camden Market is really a must see place in London, with its urban look and great street food. We were lucky enough to have a sunny day, so my boyfriend and I walked around Camden eating halloumi fries and calamari rings.


Tuesday, a full day at uni

I’m studying for a bachelor in Creative Writing and Journalism at Middlesex University in North West London, and Tuesday is my first day at University for the week. This Tuesday started with a meeting at eleven in the Grove Atrium, which is the nicest part of the University in my opinion. It’s a big, modern cafeteria for students to have lunch, do work or hang out after class.


After the meeting, I had a couple of hours off before my lecture started, so I walked home in the sun. When I have the chance I try to grab food at home to save money, and this was a good opportunity. After having lunch and preparing for class, I walked back to Uni to have my Multimodal Journalism lecture, which is my favourite subject. I love doing photography and video and learning about journalism online, which is what that lecture is about.


On Tuesday afternoon I usually have practice with the Volleyball Team at Uni, but this Tuesday I decided to go to an event with two professional journalists instead. Studying journalism is all about getting contacts and gaining knowledge from people in the business, so I try to do that every time the opportunity strikes.

Wednesday, a really cozy day

Wednesday is the day I have my Creative Writing class for the week, where I learn about fiction genres and the art of writing short stories. After my lecture, I sat down in one of the many coffee shops at my University Campus to have a quick lunch with my classmate. London is usually rainy and grey, but this week we were blessed with sunshine and I was enjoying it!


When I came home from Uni I spent my afternoon cooking dinner and relaxing in bed with a cup of tea while watching YouTube. A perfect night, in my opinion.

Thursday, a slow morning and Volleyball practice

I’m not really into afternoon classes, but having one on Thursdays can be great sometimes. This Thursday I woke up early (which is around 10 for me haha), had a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee before I did my makeup. But then, instead of going to Uni, I did what I do best, which is make more food, put on my pajamas and then sit down in bed again. I’ve been really into smoothies lately so I had toasties with a glass of smoothie while I desperately tried to finish the work I put off to watch Youtube the night before.


Once I finished my work I got ready and made my way to Uni for my Arts, Lifestyle and Sports Journalism class. My Volleyball practice was straight after my lecture, so I jogged down to meet the rest of the team so we could get the bus to our practice.


Friday, the most fun lecture of the week

On Fridays, I have my lecture on Storytelling for Games, which is really out of my field seeing as I’ve never played a game in my life, but so much fun! My teacher in this subject is an Irish man who’s worked in the Games Design business, and he’s a really creative and fun guy with an accent I’m struggling to understand most of the time. That’s the life of a Norwegian in London, haha!


However, before my lecture, I met up with my classmate to discuss our next event for the Middlesex Journalism Society, which I’m the president of. We had a coffee, chatted for an hour, and then strolled to class.

Saturday, sightseeing in London Central and going to the Hamilton Musical

Here is a fact about me; I absolutely LOVE musicals, and I’m a die-hard fan of Hamilton. I booked tickets to the musical months ago in utter excitement, and it fits perfectly that I got to go to the musical the exact week Sandrine and I decided to do the blog collaboration.


Even though I went to the Musical alone, my flatmates and I decided to make a day of it and go out for dinner together first. We got the tube to Picadilly Circus and strolled around London attractions like Trafalgar Square and China Town. Unfortunately, the sun had gone and there was a cold rain in the air. To avoid the rain we nipped to the Waterstones Picadilly bookshop to buy a few new books, and then made our way to Leicester Square to try out the new vegan menu at Wagamamas.


I was excited to try out the vegetarian and vegan menu, so I ordered steamed buns with mushrooms and aubergine for starters and then the Kare Burosu with silken tofu for dinner. Such a delicious meal!

After dinner I got the bus from Leicester Square towards Victoria Station, brimming with excitement to finally see Hamilton on stage.


With a glass of cider in hand, and a heart full of joy and anticipation I sat down in my seat in the stalls, only a few rows away from the scene. I honestly think I had the best seat in the whole theatre.

Sunday, a coffee date with a girlfriend at the most Instagrammable café in London

Peggy Porschen Cakes is such a popular place in London that you have to queue up outside to get a seat. My blogger friend Sarah and I have been planning to check it out for ages, and we finally found the time. Not far from Victoria Station, this beautiful pink coffee shop covered in flowers is the perfect place to meet your friend for a piece of cake and a coffee. This week Peggy Porschen Cakes was even more pink than usual (if that is even possible) in celebration of Valentines.


My friend Sarah and I both like the coffee shops we visit to look pretty for the ‘gram, and this was really the perfect place for that. We got a lovely little table outside in the winter sun, with a blanket to keep us warm. The cappuccinos we ordered were decorated with Valentines-themed coffee art, and the cake was delicious.


However, the queue standing right beside us waiting for a table (that we were currently occupying) kind of ruined the joy, so after finishing our coffees we wandered off to another, more private café. Victoria is a beautiful (and quite posh) area, so there are loads of option. We quickly found another pretty café named Dominique Ansel Bakery, with beautiful fairy lights and a warm place to sit in an artificial outdoor seating. There we could sit for a good hour just chatting without feeling like we were overstaying.

That’s my week in London!

A lovely mix of University life, and living out my best London lifestyle blogger-life. Now that you’ve read about a week in London, head over to my blog A Tiny Bit Beautiful to read about Sandrine’s week in Montreal, Canada!

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