Marriage of A Thousand Lies by SJ Hindu is a book I recently got sent by a publishing house. I was intrigued because the story is so different from what I usually read. However, I was curious to learn about a different culture, different experiences, and a life so far from my own. The story is about Lucky, an American woman with a Sri Lankan background. She is in a marriage of convenience with a gay man, but she is also gay herself. The life that her family is hoping for her is so different from the one she wishes to have. Her mom desperately want her to be more feminine, to follow the rituals from their culture and to have children. When Lucky goes back to her family to help her sick grandmother, she meets with her old friend/lover Nisha, who is about to get forced into a marriage. In this coming of age story, Lucky tries to break the walls that her family and culture have built around her and live as her true self.

This book made me understand the struggle that so many people have with the affirmation of their identity. The life of the characters seemed so real and painful at times and I could vividly feel their desperations and their hopes. I think this book speaks about acceptance, values of freedom and love. If you are looking for a story that will make you grow, I urge you to pick up a copy. The narrator was charming and I loved that she defied her family's expectations to achieve her true happiness. A fascinating read for the summer!