Anyone here loves chick lit? I do! If I can remember correctly, chick literature is what generated my love for reading. There is nothing more comforting and fun than reading a light hearted book wrapped in a blanket while drinking tea. 

My latest chick lit read is "The Break" by Marian Keyes. The book is about Amy, a woman whose husband decides to take a 6 months break from their marriage and go to Asia for a backpacking trip. He tells her that he will come back and everything will fall back in place, but he needs to go. Amy ends up being in charge of her daughters, her house and her dysfunctional family in Dublin while struggling with a love prospect and her PR job in London. 

This is the perfect read for a warm autumn day because it will totally warm your heart. This book is a proof that you can juggle one million things on your own and that you should follow your heart. Amy soon realizes that a 6 months break should allow her to fulfill all her personal dreams...