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Today’s blog post is a meaty one and it’s because I love reading. Like Nora Ephron so beautifully put it, “Reading is escape, and the opposite of escape; it's a way to make contact with reality after a day of making things up, and it's a way of making contact with someone else's imagination after a day that's all too real”. She is so right!

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Le Monstre, Ingrid Falaise (French)

I watched the series last week and immediately had to pick up the book. It’s a touching and troubling story of domestic violence. It is also a real story, the one of the author. She was 18 when she met M (M for Monster) and in the following three years, she was psychologically, sexually, and physically abused. Thankfully, the story has a good ending and Ingrid is still alive to help other women in the same situation. The book reminded me of Amanda Lindhout’s A House in the Sky. It was powerful and so beautifully written.

Eligible, Curtis Sittenfeld

Combine one of the best writers of our generation (Sittenfeld) with one of Jane Austen’s most popular stories (Pride & Prejudice) and you get this wonderful modern tale of universal love. It was a page-turner and such a comforting love story.

Everything I Know About Love (Paperback with the new chapter), Dolly Alderton

Yes, I’m talking about this book again! However this time, I read the paperback which included her new chapter ‘Everything I Know About Love at Thirty’. Reading it again a year later confirmed my love for this book and for Dolly. It forces you to self-reflect on your own relationships, including friends and family. If I could, I would give this book to every young woman I know.

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A Spark of Light, Jodi Picoult

A the moment, I’m reading Picoult’s latest novel which deals with abortion. The story happens in the only remaining women’s reproductive services clinic in Mississippi. Staff and patients are held hostage by a ‘pro-life’ gunman. The negotiator in charge of releasing the hostages learns that his daughter and sister are part of the hostages inside the clinic. This is an eye opening read and one that keeps you on your toes!

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There are so many cool book projects coming out this spring and I’m looking forward to reading all of them. But there are also some that are already out and just waiting for me to pick out a copy. Here it goes…

The Authentic Lie, Pandora Sykes

This is another instalment by the crowdfunding publisher ‘The Pound Project’, which I supported last fall for their project with Dolly Alderton. This time it’s a long form essay on “womanhood, mental health, social media, celebrity, and the thing that ‘define’ who we are”. I cannot wait to receive my copy.

Le Monstre - La Suite, Ingrid Falaise (French)

So I just finished Le Monstre and now I want to read Ingrid’s second book, on recovery after living with domestic violence. This book is so popular in Quebec that I’m #8 on the waitlist at the public library, but I might have to find a way to read it sooner...

Comfort Zones (A charity project by content agency Sonder & Tell) - Out April 30

In the same vein as The Pool’s ‘Life Honestly’ book or ‘Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies’ by Scarlett Curtis, this is a charity anthology by Sonder & Tell in collaboration with Jigsaw. They asked a bunch of women writers to write on topics that were unfamiliar to them, to push them out of their comfort zones. There are essays written by Emma Gannon, Pandora Sykes, Elizabeth Day, Daisy Buchanan and so many more amazing women writers!

Our Rainbow Queen, Sali Hughes - Out May 30

One thing I love more than books is to be the British Royal Family (I’m sorry but they’re adorable). This book is an ode to Queen Elizabeth II and her colourful outfits with commentaries by journalist Sali Hughes (who’s brilliant and so well spoken).

Also on my list… A Little Life (Hanya Yanagihara), The Atonement (Ian McEwan), The Sisterhood (Daisy Buchanan), How To Fail (Elizabeth Day) and Sisterland and The Man of My Dreams (both by Curtis Sittenfeld)

-What’s on your reading list?