Setting intentions is not just reserved for the new year. To me, goals are meant to be revisited every couple of months so they become more suited to my desires. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways to reach my objectives in the short term. Spirituality is sometimes associated with techniques of intention/manifestation, but to be honest, is not really for me. I do still think there can be some truth to it, at least when it comes to structure. So here is what I’m currently using to set my intentions in order to be productive, optimistic and effective.

Create a vision board

The idea of making a vision was suggested to me by my new colleague Joelle. She’s been using this technique for years and really noticed a difference in her life. A vision board consists of a collage with images that inspire you, that represent something you want to accomplish, or something you’re hoping for. I’ve made mine last night and already felt so inspired. The photographs and quotes you choose don’t have to be specific. They can be obvious to you at first glance, but don’t have to be for everyone. Joelle also made sure to tell me that once your vision board is done, you have to place it somewhere where you’ll see it often. This is very important! Looking at it repeatedly will ultimately bring you closer to your goals.

The year list

Every year, I create a new note on my phone with the year (e.g. ‘2019’) as the title. This list is divided into two ways. Firstly, I have a list of goals for the year. Mine last year included visiting to Oslo, walking 10K steps every day for a month, reading at least 52 books and saving X amount of money. In the second part, I write all the cool things that have happened under each month. This can be anything from having brunch with a friend to obtaining a good grade or getting an interview for your dream job. Typically there are around 10-15 cool things every month. At the end of the year, I reflect on my goals, but also on each month that has passed, and I usually put a star on the ‘things’ I’m the happiest with. I have been doing this since 2013 and it’s such a good daily reminder of what’s good in my life and where' I’m heading.

How do you set intentions?

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