Winter has only just started but I'm already tired of walking in the snow and dressing up for crazy cold temperatures. However, the positive thing about winter is the fact that we can cozy up inside and find ways to make it more bearable (only for a few more months). Here are a few of my suggestions...

1) Try Film Photography

There's something quite comforting about the idea of taking photos the old-fashioned way. I've decided I want to start using my dad's old Minolta film camera to create memories and try something different. For sure there's a little bit of learning on how to use the camera, but an easy way to try film photography at low cost would be to buy a disposable camera. I'll share my progress with you in a few weeks if I manage to make it happen!

2) Listen to Background Music While Doing Other Tasks

When you're cooking, while you have friends over, while you're cleaning the house, there's always time for background music. I've recently discovered Leon Bridge's Coming Home album and it's like a warm hug in music form. Highly recommend it!

3) Indulge in Pampering Rituals

Fill up your bath, put a face mask on, scrub your body, try a new bath bomb, light up a candle, and repeat every day (or every other day) for the rest of winter. It's a must for your soul! It's also a great moment with yourself to help you think about projects you want to accomplish, personal goals and things going on in your life.

What are your tips to make winter more bearable?

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