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As the temperature seems to be dropping rapidly, and back to school season is in full mode, I thought it would be a good idea to share a step by step guide for how to fall in love with fall. Because I don’t think we should head into the season complaining about how we hate it because of the cold and the dark, but instead try to find the little joys of it and make the most of these few months. So here we go…

Visit a secondhand bookshop

Think of Notting Hill when Julia Roberts enters Hugh Grant’s bookshop with her beret and sunglasses, but this time in a secondhand bookshop. It’s the epitome of coziness, and considering we spend most of fall wrapped in a blanket and reading books (at least that’s what I do), it’s a great way to find your next read without breaking the bank. And you never know what you’re going to find, which in my opinion, is a reason in itself to visit secondhand bookshops.

Wrap yourself in your favourite coat (or go on a hunt to find one)

If your favourite season for dressing, like me, is fall, then you’ll understand the feeling of putting on a weighty wool coat and wrapping yourself in it, putting your hands in the pockets and heading outside. As this is such a long season, it’s important to have a coat (or multiple ones) that we’ll love, because this is what we will end up wearing most days. Make dressing a fun thing by getting one that makes you extra excited to head outside everyday. If you’re looking for one I would recommend looking at COS, Aritzia or & Other Stories.

Make fika a regular thing

Fika: A Swedish concept about making time for friends over a cup of coffee and pastries. Yes that’s actually what it is, and it’s why I suggest we all try and make it a regular thing in our schedule this season. It’s a “ritual” that promotes togetherness and coziness, and we all need that when it starts to get cold and dark.

Indulge in comfort food

I mean, this can be an all year motto, but fall is just even more suited for these warm and delectable dishes. Who hasn’t dreamed of a warm soup with homemade bread and butter after a walk outside in the cold? Or a delicious bowl of pasta shared amongst friends and family and the flicker of a long single candle? The DREAM right?

Find pleasure in an autumn scent

It’s time to change your floral fragrance you wore all summer for something warm and woody. Scents are attached to memories and this is why I try to switch mine up depending on the seasons, my mood or while traveling. And if you love your signature perfume too much to change it, I suggest you start noticing the smells that are distinct to autumn, like rain on the pavement, a good cinnamon bun out of the oven, or trees when you walk in the forest. Appreciating the little things like scents will make you happier on a daily basis.

Dress: & Other Stories / Sunglasses: Céline / Shoes: Veja / Bag: Aritzia

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