It seems like luxury items are having a moment right now, but I feel like our mentality towards them shifted on the "fast fashion" side. Don't get me wrong, I spend a considerable amount of time lusting after luxury items, and I'm hoping of building a collection of well curated designer pieces over my lifetime. However, I notice that some people take these items for "granted", let me explain;

The first thing I noticed is the incredible amount of people buying replicas of designer accessories, and it also includes replicas of designer items that are not considered "luxury". Whether it is a bag, a watch, or any items, it is not ok. The real ones are often hand-made, or crafted with savoir-faire, and they represent the legacy of the brand. It seems completely unfair to me that a creative person puts time and attention on a piece, only to see that it has been stolen from his name. 

The second thing is that I've seen many cases of people buying brand pieces just because it has the name of a designer on it! If it doesn't reflect your taste, it doesn't fit you or you don't have the money, but you just want the designer name, what is the point? 

In my opinion, the reasons for buying a luxury items would be that you love the design of the item, you appreciate the values of the brand, and you have been saving (or you have the means) to buy it. I would not splurge on a designer bag unless I really thought about it, and I wouldn't buy a replica nor follow a trend "just because". A piece like that is a big investment, and choosing one that fits your needs and style should be the most important thing. 

I think I did my best to express how I felt toward the change that is happening right now in fashion. It's not because you follow someone on social medias that has 4o designer bags that you have to do the same thing. And I'm also tired of seeing all these girls buying bags or accessories just because there is a big MK on it (not to mention a brand, but hey), do you even like the design for yourself, or you just want to look like you are cool?. 

Let me know what you think about it, and if you have a story about your first luxury item!

Coat: Jacob / Bag: Céline Mini Luggage via Love That Bag / Boots: L'intervalle / Jeans: The Castings @ Aritzia