Yesterday, I was invited to discover the tea Løvely Morning alongside other bloggers at the Bota Bota spa. Me Myself and Montreal's team organized the event, and it was a fantastic morning! We started off the day with a degustation of the new tea Løvely Morning by Løv Organic (same brand as Kusmi Tea). It's a delicate green tea with a discreet flavour of orange, and to be honest, it is an awesome fresh way to start the day! Then we did a DIY while pastries by Mamie Clafoutis were served. After, we had a yoga session with Lulu Lemon, and then we ended up in the water circuit. The view from the baths was incredible, we could see the beautiful Montreal skyline. I really enjoyed this lovely morning, and for those who want to have a similar experience and try the Løvely Morning tea, Me Myself and Montreal is organizing another event, the information is here. Love. S.