When I was twelve years old, I told my mom that I would buy myself a Chanel 2.55 when I would be an adult. I turned 18 a few months ago, and I still don't have my designer bag!

The quality and details on a designer bag are amazing, however it comes at a very high price! A great option that I discovered recently is luxury consignment. I worked with Love That Bag, a Canadian online consignment shop, for this photoshoot, and to inform you about the advantages of buying luxury consignment bags. 

1- Buying from a trusted reseller: When buying a designer bag from a consignment store, you are assured that you are buying an authentic bag (with authenticity certificates), and that the pre-owned bags are in very good condition, otherwise mentioned. Looking at the reviews of previous buyers is the best way to ensure that you are buying from a trusty reseller. I was very impressed with the condition of the Chloé bag that I borrowed from Love That Bag! 

2- Price: Buying a pre-owned bag will make you save a few bucks compared to buying a brand new one. However, if you are looking to buy a very coveted bag or a rare one, it will not depreciate as much in value, so the resale price might be close to the retail price. 

3- Canadian Luxury Consignment: Love That Bag is a Canadian company that offers many advantages to Canadian buyers such as free shipping and duty free. Yay!

Of course another advantage is the great selection of bags from different brands. I am smitten with this Aurore Duffle bag from Chloé, and it helps that my style icon, Alexa Chung, has the same one! Love. S. 

Bag: Chloé Aurore Duffle bag @ Love That Bag / Dress: Wilfred Free at Aritzia / Coat: Babaton at Aritzia / Scarf: Aritzia / Boots: Zara