Incorporating colour in a wardrobe is not always easy, but since it was my challenge of the summer, I decided to share with you the top three tips that I've learned so far. I'm still a huge fan of neutral colours, but I must admit that a little bit of colour here and there can only bring happiness to my outfits. 

1) Bags

Instead of purchasing a colourful dress that you will only wear a few time, why don't you buy a colourful bag instead? If your wardrobe is mostly neutral, it will be easy to pair the bag with most of your outfits (without looking like an outfit-repeater). And I must admit that I prefer a Coral Chanel flap bag to a black one, it's a lot more casual. 

2) Sunglasses

This one is the easiest to accomplish. Choosing sunglasses with colourful shades is the ultimate way to make your outfit stand out. I've been using this trick a lot, and I'm not getting tired of it!

3) Beauty-wise

Ok, makeup is not technically part of the outfit, but it's part of your look. A bright lip or nails always goes a long way, and it doesn't cost too much. Experimentation is key!

Bag: Louis Vuitton Vintage Petit Noe in Yellow Epi leather via Love That Bag / Dress: Winners / Sunglasses: Toms Canada / Shoes: Asos

Photos by Alexandar Photography