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The past week has been so good to me, I keep telling myself how lucky I am to be living so many great experiences in my favourite city. Today's post is a diary of my last two days in London, which are day 3 and 5. You can read all about day 1 and 2 here and my day 4 in Brighton here. Right now I'm in Oslo with my bestie and I will be taking a little break from blogging, but you can follow my stories on Instagram (@sandrinev) and of course, I'll have plenty of content to share when I'm back!

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Day 3

The highlight of my day (and definitely on the top 3 of my week in London) was meeting Dolly Alderton at & Other Stories. I walked into my favourite shop and the first thing I saw was a tall blonde girl with a fringe... Dolly! I came up to her and chatted about her podcast and her book, we also took a selfie together (after these London posts you might think I'm a total fangirl haha). Her memoir 'Everything I Know About Love' is the book I cherish the most, and I'm an avid listener of her podcasts. She is a talented journalist, and I believe every woman in their twenties would benefit from engaging with her work. 

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Other than this lovely meeting, I also went shopping! Some of the stores I stopped at were Topshop, & Other Stories, Arket, Uniqlo, Selfridges and Liberty London. I was excited to go to Liberty because I saw on social that they have a flower shop at the front of the store and it was so lovely! 

In the afternoon I had a tea & cinnamon bun break (fika) at the Arket Café. There weren't a lot of tables so it was a very calm space amongst the busy shopping streets (Regent Street, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street). Later, I walked all the way to Lexington Street to visit the Alex Eagle Studio. This shop has an eclectic curation of clothes, furniture, and pieces of art. The purpose of my visit was to see the Ultrafragola mirror, a design from the Italian designer Ettore Sottsass. And what a beauty it is!

I ended my day by walking in Hyde Park all the way to Kensington Palace (again). I looked at the swans as the sun was setting and it was the most beautiful way to end the day!

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Day 5

For my last day in London, I decided to pay a visit to my old school on the South Bank, near Waterloo. As I walked on the same path I would follow from the tube station to Roupell Street, I started feeling very emotional. I miss it so much!

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But later I walked all the way from the South Bank to Covent Garden, admiring the Thames and the mix of older and newer buildings. It was a Sunday, which means, ideal for a brunch. I ate scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado toasts at Le Pain Quotidien. It's one of my favourite destinations in NYC or London for a delicious and healthy meal. 

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And as you can expect it, I walked even more, by Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus to see Liberty again. Two days ago I hadn't really explored inside but I wanted to understand the history behind the famous Liberty flower print. On the second floor, I also spotted a gorgeous Ganni section, unlike anything I had seen before. 

And before packing my bags I went to sit in Hyde Park again, ate a Calippo, read, and enjoyed the fabulous weather! London is incredible and I cannot wait to be back, hopefully as a Londoner with a visa to work here. 

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