I thought moving abroad with two big suitcases and a carry-on would be a challenge. And in a way, it was. Because choosing the clothes and the beauty items I would bring with me over other items was quite a difficult task. But living with ‘less’ hasn’t been. In fact, I think I have brought too much stuff with me and there are dresses I wouldn’t see myself wearing anymore (do I already need to do a closet clear-out?). I don’t think this is about the number of things I have with me but more with the items themselves. So far, I have mostly been using clothes that are comfortable, easy to pair together, and that I know are going to last me for a long time. I’ve said it before but quality trumps quantity by a million.

Having less pieces forced me to create new pairings. Dressing up in the morning feels very much like the 10 x 10 challenge (where you have to create 10 outfits with 10 pieces) but on a bigger scale. This moving exercise forced me to make choices, and in the end, I think I know my personal style even more than I did before. I am not sure I will ever need a big overflowing walk-in wardrobe as my love for them has always been for the way they are organised rather than the number of clothes in them. And when I eventually get more pieces, at least I will have a clearer perception of what I love to wear, and I will have cleared-out the pieces that make me unhappy. I’m playing with the idea that my next step might be to experience with the capsule wardrobe concept and follow the steps of The Anna Edit.

What do you think about having less clothes?

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