So I recently got to try out this new concept of monthly subscriptions called Little Life Box. I used to hear a lot about beauty boxes, but I thought that healthy boxes were a very interesting idea. I received the box of October, and in it there was different products ranging from beauty, to nutrition to household. Little Life Box is a Montreal-based brand that created this box in order to help people make healthy choices that were also good for the environment. 

I must admit that I am not the most healthy person on Earth, so I am usually not looking for biologic product or healthy snacks, but it was fun to discover and try new products. My favorite product of the box was these Tyrrell's sweet potato crips with smoked chili. People who knows me know that crips are my favorite snacks in the world, so it was fun to try this healthy version. I loved it! The seasoning was spicy and delicious! 

A major part of the products in the box were food related products, so if you are looking for snacks that are nourishing and environment-friendly, this box might be interesting for you! Oh and the packaging is super lovely, I think that receiving a beautiful box like that surely is a nice treat. Love. S.