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Tomorrow I’m going to see Lily Allen perform live for the second time and I am extremely excited! Not just because I love her music but also because I only just finished her autobiography and it made me love her even more. Lily has lived through so many traumatic events and in this book she tells her side of her story with so much honesty and humility. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful pastel colour of the book cover because the topics she discusses are quite dark. I loved when she explained how her songs came about and what each album meant to her. Obviously I do not want to spoil it but if you are a fan of her music or love memoirs in general, this one is a beautifully written piece. While you read it you’ll almost hear her lovely British accent in your head.

So far the book has received a lot of success and I think they sent it for another re-print already (not even a month after the publication date). This book made me realize that celebrities are just like us but with a lot more public exposure. I won’t say more but go and grab a copy!