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These days, it seems like everyone forsakes digital cameras for film photography. But I don’t blame them. Shooting on film is nostalgic, it’s spontaneous and it feels much more personal because of the additional time and effort it requires. I’ve tried it for the first time last summer and was smitten with the result. This year I really wanted to experiment more with this artistic endeavour, but I only got reunited with my Minolta (a camera that used to belong to my dad when he was around my age) when my sister came to visit two weeks ago. Thankfully, my friend Franzi brings hers everywhere with her and captured some of our most memorable moments. I was also gifted a disposable camera on my last night in Montreal and had fun playing with it before leaving. I’ve decided to share these photos on here to remember them, but also to show you how real and special they feel. I think they do a much better job at conveying emotions than the modern technology we are used to now. For my next trip, I’m planning on shooting one roll a day, I think it will be a fun challenge, no?

Have you experimented with film photography?

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