I discovered Lierac's skincare range last year and fell head over heels in love with it (you can read my previous reviews here). However, I had only tried their products designed for the face, and was excited to discover the rest of what the brand had to offer. Today I am reviewing for you their new bodycare products! 

Body-Hydra+ - Nutri-Plumping Cream

This body butter is hydration in a jar! It's not my favourite Lierac smell, but if you love sweet scents I'm sure you'll love this. It applies so easily and leaves a silky and smooth finish to the skin. So far I've been using it on my legs after I get out of the shower and I love the refreshing feeling it leaves. This cream is supposed to leave your body feeling moisturized for 48 hours. 

Body-Hydra+ - Hydro-Plumping Lotion

This lotion is a bit lighter in terms of texture than the previous cream. I love using this one on my arms and hands because it immediately sinks in and does not leave a greasy feel. When bikini season starts, I will try using it on my legs because it's supposedly good to tone and plump the skin (which my legs are in desperate need of right now). 

Body-Slim - Global Slimming, Beautifying & Reshaping Body Countouring Concentrate

The smell of this one is more subtle and delicate than the other two, which I enjoy. You are supposed to use this cream on your thighs, hips and buttocks twice a day, but I haven't followed this advice yet (oopsi). The gel/cream consistency is very enjoyable, it's also ultra-refreshing! It's a product I will definitely use a lot more in the summertime. 

Have you tried Lierac's range of bodycare products?