Yesterday was the launch of Lierac's Hydragenist skincare range. I was so excited that I decided to talk to you about it before I even tried the products properly. First of all, I just want to mention that the launch was absolutely dreamy. It was on the terrace of the Jatoba, and the restaurant prepared a special brunch for the occasion. The walls were covered in flowers, everything smelled like roses, and there were even flowers in the bubbles. I also prepared my own bouquet with flowers from Bell Jar Botanicals, which was wonderful (I would totally do it again as a Birthday activity). 

I also spent a lot of time discussing about skincare with some experts from the brand and other beauty bloggers. I'm currently already using products from Lierac's Premium range, but I feel like this one will be even more amazing (for my type of skin). The range was made to lock water and oxygen into the skin (it's the best way I could describe it), two elements that are essential for humans. It was truly interesting to learn about the chemical process and the thinking behind all of it. 

All the products will be available in Canada starting in August, but the line includes a serum, a moisturizer, a rescue balm, and a moisturizing gel-cream. I'll definitely keep you updated about these products, as it will be easier to talk about them once I've tried them. Love. S. 

Are you a fan of skincare?