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“When it’s good, try to enjoy it. Things are allowed to be good”

This is a quote Emma Gannon posted on Instagram last week and it resonated with me. In the past I’ve seen a lot of people being seen as ‘more highly’ for being overworked, stressed or going through difficult times. It’s important to encourage them in these situations but I also believe it’s crucial not to overlook someone’s situation when everything is going well for them (let’s celebrate happiness). I vividly remember my happiest moment of last year and I guess it’s because I did everything I could to remember every detail of it. It was mid-spring, school was over, the weather was beautiful, I was walking over 10,000 steps everyday, watching the royal wedding, preparing for a trip, and also working full time for a company I love. I hope spring will be as good to me this year, and you can bet I will do everything I can to enjoy it!

I need to watch the Harry Potter movies

My friend Martine (which you might know by now, she made a few appearances on the blog) made fun of me last weekend when I told her I had only watched the first three Harry Potter movies. I then shared the conversation I had with her on Instagram and got messages telling me ‘it’s a crime!!’ and ‘how come you’ve never seen them?”! Well, lesson learned, it’s a priority on my list!

Does it spark joy?

Yes, I’m referring to the famous Marie Kondo question you should be asking yourself when decluttering your home. I spent the weekend clearing out my “memory boxes” and bringing the most important stuff to my bedroom in the countryside (this is where my things will go once I move to London). It made the process a whole lot easier and I can confidently say that my rejection letter for the local dance team did not, and still does not spark joy. It was time to get rid of it, 8 years after receiving it…

What have you learned this week?