Skirt: Simons / Shoes: BCBG / Bag: Louis Vuitton via Love that Bag / Blouse: Equipment

Skirt: Simons / Shoes: BCBG / Bag: Louis Vuitton via Love that Bag / Blouse: Equipment

I had no idea this column would become so frequent but I feel like it's a great way to reflect on my week, and I also really enjoy writing it. Other than work, reading and listening to podcasts, my week has been quite boring. But I'm not too worried because I'm going away in a few days and will do lots of fun things then... Talking about fun, I'm looking forward to attending a panel on writing as a career, in the fields of blogging, journalism and book writing. The lovely Martine from A Tiny Bit Beautiful is coming with me (you might remember her from the collab we did back in February), and we're also planning another fun day in Notting Hill while I'm there. I'll keep you updated on Instagram and on the blog of course. In the meantime, here are my 3 lessons this week...

Film photography is easier than I thought

Remember when I said I wanted to try film photography? I've finally bit the bullet and started taking photos. It's easy and fun but you just have to remember to bring the camera with you (and it can sometimes be tricky as the camera is heavy). I'm excited to see what the photos from the first roll look like. I'll get more practice over the summer and maybe share some of the photos on here if they turn out all right. 

Quality over quantity

This month I had a goal of writing 3 blog posts every week (on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday). It was easy in the first week because I had so many ideas but this week ended up being quite challenging. I think the monotony of my days recently hasn't helped which is why I'm only posting twice this week. I realized that maybe quality is better than quantity and the three posts I've tried writing for Friday were not good enough. Following a schedule has definitely been helpful in the planning of blog posts but I guess I should start with 2 per week and write more occasionally. 

Don't take it personally

You know when you say something and people just answer something very sarcastic and laugh making fun of what you've just said? Every time this affects me so much and I just stop talking for a while (instead let people talk between them), which is ridiculous. Next time I'll tell myself that it's not against me and to ignore it and continue as normal. I can be way too sensitive sometimes... 

But it's also ok to be emotional...

Yes I did cry yesterday at Meghan & Harry's wedding when I saw Meghan walk into St-George's chapel. I love weddings and anything romantic but I love royal weddings even more. Waking up at 4 am probably heightened my emotions but it was such a lovely and happy moment.