As soon as I saw Noemiah's collection "Les Filles", I turned head over heels! This baby pink tone is pretty much the only color I like to wear (if you don't consider black, grey, and white a color). The shape is very flattering and feminine, and the gold "Les filles" embroidery is delicate and absolutely stunning. Because I wanted the outfit to remain young and fresh, I thought that a pair of sneakers and some baggy pants would do the trick. 

Oh and there is only 3 weeks left until the end of the semester. After that, I'll have a 6 weeks long break to do whatever that I want to do. I am seriously considering going back to my old passion: classical ballet. And I might also spend the holiday break drawing, watching movies, and readings... sounds lovely right? Love. S. 

Noemiah top / Zara pants / Superga Cotu sneakers