As you've probably noticed if you follow me on social media, I'm currently in Toronto for a mini-vacation. On my way there, I stopped in Kingston for lunch, and I was smitten with the view of Lake Ontario! It's my first time exploring Ontario (outside of Ottawa), and I'm very excited. So here is a recap of my first two days!

Kingston - I stopped at Lake Ontario Park for a picnic. As I've said previously, the view is incredible. You could easily spend a day there playing beach volleyball, swimming, and just enjoying the park. 


Day 1

On my first night in Toronto, I went to a Thai restaurant, which was really good! Then, I listened to live music at the 'Indie Fridays' event in Younge-Dundas square. It was so much fun! The band that was playing is called 'The Heavyweights Brass Band', and it was some kind of jazz/alternative music. 

Day 2

On day 2, I went to Fika Kensington to have the traditional Swedish 'fika'. Ever since I went to Sweden last summer, I'm really enjoying finding Swedish cafés to have pastries and tea. The location of this place was a little bit sketchy, but the coffee shop itself was beautiful inside & out. I loved that it was decorated with traditional features like the Dalecarlian horse. And I highly recommend trying the cinnamon bun if you come here. 

After fika, I went shopping and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Tonight I'm probably going to an Indian restaurant. Stay tuned for the rest of my little adventure! Love. S.