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I’ve been following Katherine Ormerod for a year now and I’m always impressed by her honesty and openness when it comes to careers, money and our relationship with our social media. Her book Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life was published recently and I absolutely loved it. It made me question the way I use social media, and Instagram in particular. The book is divided in chapters, exploring everything from your relationships, politics, career, motherhood and more. What I loved was that the book pushed the boundaries even further; it’s not just a surface-level exploration of social media, it’s a deep-dive in that world and the positive and negative aspects that come with it. She interviewed scholars, influencers, bloggers, plastic surgeons and more while also recounting her own story with social media (she had to start posting on Instagram a few years ago as part of her job as a fashion journalist for Grazia). I loved that most of the bloggers featured in her book are people I already follow like Lindsey Holland, Camille Charriere, Lucy Williams, Lizzy Hadfield, Lily Pebbles or Anna Newton. It made it even more real to read these personal accounts.

To me, this book is a necessary read for a better understanding of the platforms that take up so much of our time. The first few chapters featured a lot of statistics and required more attention, but then the stories capture you because they are so relatable. After reading this, I’ve been questioning my presence on social media, the frequency of my visits and what I chose to post or not post with strangers online. I would also suggest reading an article by Pandora Sykes (also featured in the book) on Man Repeller titled ‘I Don’t Want to Convey Perfection Online, Must I Bare my Soul?’.

Katherine also talks openly about money and salaries in the book, which is refreshing because it’s something most people decide to keep private (but then they share the colour of the nail polish on their feet on Twitter?). She is a brilliant writer and has been promoting women’s work for a while now, also writing for her own platform Work Work Work. I recommend having a read and then reflecting on your own use of social media and the message you want to spread on your platform, no matter the size of your following.