Last weekend, I started to read the book "All in good taste" by Kate Spade. It's a collection of chronicles about how to be a good host, with some etiquette lessons, quotes, playlists, true stories, and recipes. Basically, it's a guide for people that enjoy food, that likes to read cutes stories, and that loves to entertain guests. 

I haven't read the whole book yet, but I've picked up a few passages that I found very interesting. For example, there is a page where they ask you to make a list of people (past, present, real or fictional) that you would like to invite to a dinner party, but it has to remain under 30 guests. I love to do these kinds of list, and found the result really interesting. Most of the people on my list were from different work backgrounds, eras, and ages (for example: the Queen, Lena Dunham, and Carrie Bradshaw). I highly suggest that you do the same, it's so fun!

And here are two quotes that I found very charming!

"At a certain point, age stops mattering right? Everyone just gives each other a different perspective" - Sarah Sophie Flicker on inviting people from different generations to the same party. As for myself, I love to talk with people older than me because I find that I always learn something new!

" My favorite take on things is mostly nice with a little bit of naughty. Pompous but playful. I love looking at the party pictures in Vanity Fair filled with swanky people with three last names" - Mrs Lilien (such a cute description and I love the choice of words). 

My favorite part of the book? At the end, there's a suggestion of 72 words to "make everything sound marvelous", and I've been using it a lot (I know I skipped to the end to read that part).

Definitely a book to pick up and read! Do you have any book suggestion? Love. S.