There are many things in this world I admire, one of them being people who journal everyday. I think it is such a lovely way to keep memories, get things out of your mind and have perspective over your life. As a young girl, I've been bombarded with films and books where the main characters would have a locked diary that they would use to write about their day, but also to store private information or to confide in "someone". Although to do this, you need a lot of will and consistency. I do sometimes "journal" in some simple ways (this is what I'm discussing below), but it is definitely less than I would like it do be. I really hope that one day I become this person who writes down in a notebook every night before going to bed. In the meantime, here are some ways I jot down notes...

Q&A a Day: 5 Year Journal

I purchased this guided notebook three years ago and have been filling it up every day since (which I'm very proud of). The concept is that there are 365 questions and you have 5 years to go back to the questions and fill them up. I love looking back at my old answers and seeing if what I wrote changed. The questions vary from "what is your favourite type of cereal?" to "what is a political issue you are interested about?" to "how did you start your morning?". When I don't feel like answering the questions or when something special happens in my life, I just write down what I've been up to instead. It is the easiest way to journal. 

Travel Journals

Surprisingly, when I'm on vacation, I will write every single detail of my day from what I ate to where I've been to the conversations I've had in a notebook. It takes quite a lot of time but it is the best souvenir from a destination. When reading back at some of my old entries, I immediately got transported into the mood I was in at the moment of writing them. I highly recommend you do the same for your travels. And I also use it to put my plane tickets, metro cards, and all the random stuff you accumulate on vacation.

Notes App

When I'm on the go I sometimes have the urge to write things down, but unfortunately my bags are too small for the whole carrying your notebook around. It could be a blog post idea, something I want to tell my friends or just a quote I've stumbled on. As much as I love to say that the Notes App on my phone is messy, I think it's a great tool for remembering things. I use it the most often right before I go to bed or when I'm on public transportation. 

What are the ways you "journal"? Don't hesitate to share your experience with me in the comments!